About us

GFY Green Agric Ltd is a contemporary Organic Agricultural company, We specialize in commercial plantation of organic agricultural commodities and export of commodities such as ; Cashew nuts, Tiger nuts, Cocoa, Ginger, Garlic, Sesame seeds, Cassava, Shea-nut, Shea-butter, Potatoes, Chili, Charcoal, Palm Oil, Palm Kernels, Hibiscus flowers, Cow horns, Hardwood, Koso wood, Apa Dossier, Kola nuts, Gacinia cola.

GFY Green Agric Ltd was established and registered in Nigeria with the CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION of Nigeria (CAC), headquarters in the federal capital territory Abuja Nigeria, with the registration identity RC.1262926 and also licensed by The NIGERIA EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL (NEPC) as a manufacturing exporter to carry out the business of agriculture and exports of commodities.

With good working functions, our products and well-deserved reputation have won us great favor from foreign clients. Our Vision is to be a leading Green Organic Agricultural company for domestic and international export produce. Our aim is to inspire individuals and organisation to tap into Africa’s natural resources effectively, efficiently and responsibly. We have tasked ourselves with providing greater security and transparency in the domain of exported materials in Africa, for the benefit of all parties. GFY Green Agric Ltd would be at the forefront and continue to lead the market in the coming years, GFY Green Agric Ltd must have foresight and understand the trends that will shape our industry in the future. To continue to thrive we must continue to prepare. GFY Green Agric Ltd is committed to addressing the challenge of sustainability - delivering value to our clients, while providing economic and social benefits to impacted communities and minimising our environmental footprint. This responsibility shall be evident in all that we do outside but also within. Together we will continue to nurture relationships around the world and improve our network of suppliers and clients. Lastly whilst continuing to offer a professional efficient service, we aim to maximise long-term return for our shareholders.



GFY Green Agric Ltd

26a Abbey Street Hostel B/Stop Cele Egbe 23401 Lagos, Nigeria Phone: +2348098966038


Email: info@gfygreenagric.com