Product Description - Doussie Wood – Afzelia Pachyloba

Doussie Wood – Afzelia Pachyloba

GFY Green Agric Ltd supplies roughly cut Doussie square logs to the worlds markets. This wood is sourced from Nigeria.

The final product is used to produce high quality exterior and interior joinery, flooring, doors and boat building. There is a great demand in Southern and Eastern parts of Asia for this type of timber. It is used for production in what can be described as a thriving furniture industry.

Our team of experienced forestry staff carefully sources logs for screening. This scrutiny is necessary to ensure only the finest most durable logs are selected for processing. Similar to that of our Kosso logs, the final export product is a cleanly cut, rough square log with no bark.

Typical dimensions:

Thickness : 25cm and above
Width : 30cm and above
Length : 210cm and above

Specifications can be tailored to clients’ requirements.

This product is available loaded loosely in 20ft HC containers with an average weight of between 23-25 metric tonnes. Clients have the right to inspect loaded containers within country of loading or by photographic images. We have a consistent supply of Doussie Wood and can fulfill even the largest of clients’ demands. 

Price: Per market

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