Product Description - Shea Nut

Shea Nut

Shea nut butter has been used for centuries in Africa for cosmetics, funeral rites , medicinal ,soap making and as cooking oil.Estimated National Production: 500,000 MT annually.Export from Nigeria: About 3% of the national production is exported.Types: They are usually accessed based on the content.Uses: They are used in the production of Shea butter which is used in the cosmetics, confectionery and other such industries.

The fruit is usually 5-8 cm long and 3-4 cm wide, elliptic, a yellow or green berry with thick, butter-like, mucos pericap contains one seed which is oval or round. The seed is usually surrounded by a fragile shinning shell with large hillum on a broad base.

Free Fatty Acid {FFA} 

Content: Less than or equal to 60%

Moisture Content: 

Less than or equal to 70%

Oil Content: Greater than or equal to 45%

Latex: 4-10%


Price: Per market

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